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Our partnership model ensures everyone benefits from registering on My Retail Training! This is how we all win.

Training Budget

Get More Out of Your Training Budget

With My Retail Training, retailers get to experience the amazing benefits of a complete learning management system without the major overhead costs and oversight of the system.

At no additional cost, we also offer our consultation services as part of your My Retail Training subscription. Our project managers and administration team implement content strategy and frequent touch bases to track your progress and modify any necessary features you’d need to reach your goals.

Current User Base

Reach Beyond Your Current User Base

Through a partnership between our team, you, and My Retail Training’s learners, we help you reach more sales associates so you can develop an expansive group of brand advocates.

Our team

Brings you on board and gets you set up on our shared learning platform.


Bring your existing user base from your retailers and training teams.

My Retail Training’s learners

Are incentivized to refer their coworkers and friends, bringing more awareness to your brand and products.

For us, the message of training doesn’t just end after a course is completed — we believe the knowledge your sales reps gain betters the entire retail community.

How My Retail Training Helps You

We’ve been helping our clients propel their brand messaging further for over 20 years. With My Retail Training, we tap into this expertise to reach more sales associates and develop brand ambassadors. This is how we do it.

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Increased Upselling

My Retail Training gives your sales associates access to a wide range of training content. This expansive product knowledge creates more upselling opportunities. When your sales reps know more about the wide range of products you carry, they can make more educated recommendations and create more trusted relationships with your customers. All this leads to repeat customers and higher average sales tickets.

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Incentives = Wider Reach

Attract the diverse group of learners on My Retail Training to create more brand awareness and affinity through promotions, including contests and giveaways. Learners from various industries become brand advocates when incentivized to learn about your products. Better yet, winning one of your products leads to quality recommendations on and off the salesfloor.